We do like to beat ourselves up, don’t we?

And what better time of year to do it than now. When everyone is talking about looking back and reflecting on what we’ve achieved in 2018.

But it your 2018 hasn’t gone quite to plan, it can be easier to think about what you haven’t achieved. Maybe it’s the business goals that weren’t met, the customer project that is still not complete or the boss you still haven’t managed to please. Oh what joy for the inner critic inside of us as it takes centre stage!

So, do yourself a favour. Don’t think about what you’ve achieved, think about what you’ve learnt. Because no matter whether you smashed 2018 out of the park or you can’t draw a line under it fast enough , you will have learnt a shedload.

And it won’t just be you individually.  Your team will have taken away so much from 2018.  However, if you don’t think about what those things are, you won’t benefit from them in 2019.

So book some time with your team this month or in early January to get their input.

Here are some questions that will get the discussion started.

Questions for your team review

  • What were our successes this year?
  • What have we learnt?
  • What were we disappointed about?
  • What frustrated us?
  • What made us laugh?
  • How could we have worked better together this year?
  • As a team, where do we waste our time?
  • How can we resolve that problem going forward?
  • What progress did we make towards our goals this year?
  • If we could do this year again, what would we do differently?
  • How will we be better next year?
  • What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt personally this year?
  • What’s our main focus for next year?
  • Is there anything that will get in our way?

One way to make 2019 even better for you is to do this type of review more frequently.  Click here to download some templates for both individual review and one to do with your team.  I guarantee this will make your team meetings next year much more impactful,