Management Training

The Management Readiness Programme

We can probably all remember our first management role.  Trying to figure out the basics and too embarrassed to ask for help on things that seem so easy to others.  What should you talk about in 1:1s?  How do you run a team meeting that is actually useful?  What is even expected of you as a manager?

I’ve created the Management Readiness Programme specifically to fill this gap.  It is ideal for your team members who have just taken on a management role in the last few months, or for those who are about to make the leap.

The aim is to help them create a plan and give them a toolkit to succeed in their first few months. To help them stand tall in their new management shoes.

For them, it’s about taking some of the mystery out of management.  To get them off to a strong start whether that’s managing their former peers or taking on a new team.

For the business, you will have team members who will take on their role with more confidence and waste less time trying to figure it all out.  And for those team members who are ready and eager but there isn’t a management role available yet, it’s a great way to show you’re investing in their future.

What does it cover?

It’s a management training programme that runs over 12 weeks, with a mix of managers from different companies.  It focuses on the key areas that many struggle with in the first few months of being a manager.  They will leave the programme with a clear plan and a full toolkit to set them up for success.

  • Recognising what it takes to be a great manager
  • Asking the right question to understand what’s needed of them as a manager
  • Managing people that used to be their team mates
  • Earning trust and respect from their team
  • Managing their manager
  • Moving from succeeding individually to succeeding through their team
  • Running great one to ones and team meetings
  • Giving feedback to their team in a timely fashion

“Let me start off with saying I would definitely recommend this to any new (or not so new) manager who is responsible for even managing one person. The programme covers a wide range of topics/challenges that you face as a manager and tackles them quite effectively with group discussions, scenarios, examples and solutions! Not just tackling challenges but simply how to make sure you are managing your team in the best way possible (no challenges does not necessarily mean everything is running smoothly or nothing can be done better)
Debbie also makes the programme worthwhile by listening to students, actioning feedback immediately and making sure the programme is covering everything you would want to”


Business Development Manager, Winnow Solutions

How does the management training work?

The format is a mix of live sessions and a library of resources including short videos, articles and templates with ongoing support through a Slack community

Live Interactive Sessions

Training is delivered via weekly live interactive sessions which are supported by detailed workbooks to enhance their learning.  All sessions are recorded for anyone who can’t attend live.

Facilitated discussions

Building on the theme of the week, participants will be invited to join facilitated discussions in the Slack channel

Support Network

Bringing together managers from different companies.  They will all be part of a Slack community giving them opportunity to learn from each other and build a support network of managers at the same stage as them.


Working Around Busy Schedules

Time commitment is about one hour a week with recommended further reading/activity for those that want to dive deeper.

Actionable Plan

As they go through the programme they will be building an actionable plan/checklist to set them up for success.

Who’s The Management Training For?

It’s for newly appointed managers who have started in the role in the last few months or anyone who is about to step up.

I work predominantly with small tech companies (an industry I worked in for 20 years) so the training is focused on managing in these fast paced, highly dynamic environments

(If you are looking for training for managers who have more experience and are ready to go deeper, you may want to check out  The Smarter Manager Programme)

Your Invitation

The Management Readiness Programme runs 3 times a year.  The next one starts in February 2024 and you can reserve your place now. 

The price is £499 per person and this includes

  • The full 12-week programme of management training
  • A 1:1 with me for each manager at the start of the programme to understand their needs and at the end to review their plan of action
  • Support and facilitated discussion groups in the Slack community
  • Lifelong access to the materials for the attendee

If you are a manager who is self-funding the training, get in touch if you’d like to discuss splitting this into monthly payments


Next steps?

If you have any questions or would like to reserve a place, you can email me at