Helping managers succeed in small tech companies

Imagine having a business full of highly effective managers

It would be a game changer, right?  They would be managers who spent their time working on the important tasks that would drive your business forward.  They wouldn’t shy away from difficult conversations, would delegate effectively and have highly motivated teams that got results.

When we promote a first time manager, we expect a lot from them.  This person, who was successful in their individual role, suddenly needs to figure out how to be successful through others.  They have to start delegating, giving feedback, coaching underperforming team members.  They have to take ownership for decisions that impact others and develop an amazing team.

It’s a big ask.

It’s no wonder the day to day management tasks can suck up so much of their time and energy.

So here’s the challenge…

How do we best support our managers to help our businesses succeed?

I work with small tech companies who need to have every team member working at their best.  As I was designing the programme, tech leaders told me that management training would be more valuable if we could overcome the following challenges.

Introducing The Smarter Manager Coaching Programme

Challenge accepted!  The Smarter Manager Programme is more than just management training.

It’s about problem solving, building confidence, offering and receiving support.  Helping new leaders to become more self-aware.  To give them a forum to find solutions to the challenges they face now, and prepare them for the challenges of the future.

Who’s the management training for?

This programme is ideal for new team managers or managers who have been in the job a few years but want to become a better leader.

Delivered in 8 x 2 hour sessions, spread over 6-8 months

We meet for short, impactful sessions, every 3 – 4 weeks (8 sessions in total).  The groups are small, no more than 6 people.

The sessions are a mix of

  • Catch up on actions from the last session. What worked? What didn’t? How could you tweak it to try again?
  • Training on a chosen topic (such as time management and prioritisation, motivating a team, delegation, difficult conversations)
  • Scenario based problem solving
  • Exercises to stretch their thinking
  • A deep dive into a problem of the day
  • Commitment to actions before the next session


The focus is on action and lightbulb moments.

Minimal powerpoints.  Maximum collaboration, discussion and support.

Every programme is different.  Designed for the specific requirements of each group.

I speak to every person that signs up for the Smarter Manager training before we start.  The aim is to understand what their challenges are and what they want to get out of the programme.

I then design a programme to tackle the challenges of the individuals in that group.

Self Awareness and the ability to learn

The management training programme is based on these two key concepts.

Self Awareness.  The game changer! Every attendee completes a DiSC Behavioural Assessment before we start which we review in the first session.

The ability to learn is a theme throughout ensuring they are ready to deal with the challenges of today but also the ones they will face in the future.

Keeping everyone on track

In between each session, I have a quick catch up call with each attendee to check in on their actions and answer any questions they may have.

Very often, the group is keen to keep in touch between sessions.  Knowing everyone is waiting to hear the updates on the actions you committed to has a very motivating effect!


I liked how this programme was structured. Tackling the learnings over a number of sessions, rather than trying to pack it into a few days training which is the usual approach I have seen. This gives the time to reflect and try to apply the knowledge into real life scenarios. The training was focused on the problems that attendees are facing and I think this is the strongest point of it.

Having a plan focusing on developing the areas that I was struggling with was really helpful. Regular reviews on the progress and suggestions on how to improve in certain situations were great.


Development Lead

Here’s how the management training works

I run the programme in three different ways

Virtual:   Live sessions delivered using Zoom and a virtual collaboration tool to keep the sessions highly interactive.   I have delivered this programme successfully online over the last four years as many of my clients have remote teams.  

In House:  Remember that concept!  Once we are able to I can run this programme in house for you if you are in London or the South East.  Really convenient and a great chance to build the relationships of the managers in your business.  

Open Sessions: From time to time, I run the programme in open sessions, both virtually and face to face, so managers from different businesses can join.  Ideal if you only have one or two managers that could benefit.  And great to learn from how other businesses do things.


And here’s the investment

You have three options for this programme.

Everyone benefits from the 8 management training sessions.  The difference between the options is the depth of the support around those sessions.

Proudly working with:

Management Training
Management Training
Management Training

Sound interesting?

Email me and we can take it from there.


If you only have one or two people who need training, you may want to check out THE MANAGEMENT READINESS PROGRAMME

We have gone from a challenging, hostile working relationship to a collaborative and efficient team.   I have no doubt without Debbie and her fantastic training we would never have reached this stage.


Senior Accountant


Ongoing Support

A chance to get clarification, share experiences as they act on what they learn. A safe place to ask questions and ask for help.

Actionable Content

No information overwhelm.  Short sessions focus on actionable steps that they can implement immediately.

Personalised Content

The content is based on the challenges they are facing.  We’ll cover proven techniques, share experiences and hold them accountable to take action.


A Learned Approach

As well as learning the tools and techniques to support them now, they learn an approach to tackle the challenges they will inevitably face in the future.


Less Disruption

Three hours every few weeks makes it easier to fit around the day job.  And those 3 hours are likely to make all the other hours so much more productive!


Your Input

You know where your manager needs help, but you may not have the time to give it.  Have your input, we’ll coach them, you give them a helping hand when needed.

Enhanced Accountability

The other programme members will be expecting to hear their updates on actions taken and lessons learnt.  Teams rock!

Continuous Learning

Bitesize chunks of learning enables fast action.  The frequency of the sessions allows for the outcomes to be discussed and revisited.

What to do next?

If you’d like to sign up, or you would like more information, just email me

(Oh and if you are still deciding, read on for more reasons why this will be so much more valuable than a couple of days in a classroom)

Click here to find out how this compares to traditional management training

“Traditional training is too cookie cutter.  It doesn’t proactively address what the manager really needs”

This programme is driven by the attendees, based on the areas they feel they need the most support.

The learning approach is low on powerpoints, high on discussing options, applying what they have learnt and reflecting on further insights from that experience.  The programme is dynamic all the way through, flexible to meet the needs of the programme attendees.

“Any one can learn the skills, but you need to change the mindset.  And that doesn’t happen in 48 hours”

This programme is based on two key concepts – self awareness and the ability to learn.   Of course we work on tools and techniques but this is pointless if we don’t work on mindset and behavioural change in the manager.

“Classroom training is too much of a ‘time suck’ “

This programme is delivered over 6-8 months, split into 8 manageable two hour sessions.   Not too much time away from the day job in one go.  And every 3 – 4 weeks they’ll get a fresh injection of insight and motivation to bring back to their work

“There’s no accountability after the training that the manager will actually apply what they have learnt”

This programme is all about accountability.  At the end of each session, each person commits to an action to apply the learnings.  We kick off the start of the next session with reflections and new insights after trying it out for real.  And of course, this gives them the opportunity ask more questions or seek further clarification.  Knowing that the rest of the group are waiting to hear your updates is a very powerful motivator!

“They are surrounded by people that could become a great support network, but don’t have enough time to get to know them”.

These managers will grow and learn together over the 8 group sessions.   Plenty of opportunity to build the relationships to last beyond the programme.

“The in depth coaching programmes are too expensive.  Only an option for big companies and then probably only for their ‘high flyers’ “

If coaching is not provided to managers, they are not the only ones to suffer.  Morale of their team, and efficiencies in the business will be detrimentally impacted by a  manager who doesn’t have the right mindset and skill set.   The intention is to keep this programme an affordable option for business who do not have huge employee development budgets.